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Off to Market we went!

A bi-annual buying trip is always guaranteed to be both exhilarating and exhausting! This January 2017 trip destination was the Atlanta Americasmart. With over 7 million sq. feet of showroom space in 3 high-rise buildings, the latest and the greatest is certainly there! In the heart of Downtown Atlanta, you get to experience the energy of a big city complete with noise, traffic, and crowds of people. This Nebraska girl was ready to head home after 7 days. This calmer rural pace is certainly for me!














My daughter Kate was my right hand gal on this trip. She is a hardcore shopper too. So we worked about 9 hours daily, walking thru showrooms and making quick decisions to buy for Holiday 2017 Season and for Spring.

16114415_10154186470125823_9133677738298142247_n The much talked about color of the year, Pantone’s choice “Greenery” was the accent color of choice for many showrooms. If you haven’t heard of Pantone and how they dictate color trends worldwide, click here.


















Green was closely tied with blue as the “seen everywhere” color du jour. I LOVE blue, so no complaints from me! Wether its a clear sapphire or a denim toned navy, the deeper tones were more prominent. I anticipate big things for this color in our store this year and have many accents for you to choose from!






























Metal finishes are bouncing around a bit I noticed. The featured color in many showrooms was GOLD! Not the hottest selling color in our area, but be aware – it’s not going away! As we continue to show it in our store, consider how much metals are mixed in decor these days. Try some blended with what you have! Copper has been very popular and seems to be moving forward this year.




















We really had some expert insight when attending a trend presentation by Michelle Lamb. Here are some current trends that we did observe and some to come. Here this year, Havanna Style. It’s a trend that appears as Cuba opens to vacationers. Marble-izing, faux stone, and leather, all still used as mediums to finish out accessories. Fun watercolor prints were on fabrics everywhere, securing many fun colors for mixing patterns, another hot trend. Botanical prints are evident as part of the vintage trend.

What do you think? Yay or too retro?image-3image-8























































Reclaimed and rustic are key words that resonate here in our area. Made popular by the design show maven with our store’s name . . (you know who!)These vintage, distressed and rusty finishes are here to stay for awhile!

15977417_10154194923785823_442393971154664400_n 15894788_10154180494595823_698215598227262263_n



















Another trend observed, the 70’s design style. We saw macrame or woven, fringed textile pieces being sold in many showrooms. It was just emerging 2 years ago. This also includes fringe on lots of things fashion and home decor. The color palette of the 70’s era has been spotted everywhere with deep russets, bright olives and deep golden yellows.





















As we move forward into the next couple of years Michelle Lamb indicated what we are already seeing in popular design catalogs. Navy is the new neutral. As versital as grey, you’ll see this color used as the anchoring furniture piece in a room. This means that grey has peaked and is on it’s slow ride out of trend. Not to worry, it will take awhile to fall out of favor! This is evident in the Sherwin Williams color pick of the year “Poised Taupe” , a very cool brown tone that blends well with our grey color palette as it begins to usher in the browns again!


As we wrapped up our trip, I find myself excited for the year ahead! We love what we do at Magnolias and enjoy bringing it back for you to enjoy in your homes! Check out Magnolias to discover YOUR inspiration piece whatever the color and style direction might be!


For more pics click here!









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