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Part 3: “DIY-ing” with Magnolias!

written by: Leah R.

The last piece of the puzzle is here. We’ve talked about investing in statement pieces, utilizing heirlooms and awesome vintage finds, and now we’re going to get crafty. Get your hot glue and staple guns out ladies. You heard me. Let’s do this.

The first thing I want to discuss is DIY-ing your OWN arrangements. If you’re a naturally crafty person, then this section is for you. Remember those unique vintage pieces we talked about in the last blog post? Well now we’re going to flip ’em into a custom arrangement using individual pieces from our floral gallery. Did you know we have a floral gallery now? It’s awesome- go check it out! There are thousands of stems and hundreds of containers. You’ll find everything from branches and succulents to designer colors and seasonal stems. There are price points for every project! Super easy to work with, Markella and Valerie will take the guess work out of your project!

What you’ll need:

  1. Container of some sort
  2. Assorted florals
  3. Foam
  4. Moss
  5. Hot Glue
  6. Crafty Spirit Fingers

Some things to keep in mind for a well made/ balanced piece:
There is NO set way to design. Balanced design- you go for it, more whimsical and asymmetrical- do it to it! There are NO rules. Let the piece showcase YOUR style, not some trend that you saw here or some pre-determined style. Break the mold and embrace flaws, abstract symmetry, and what feels like you! You can do this. Pep talk over. Let’s take a look at this piece below for the evolution of an arrangement.

img_0273 img_0283

What to note about this piece:
It’s full, lush density compliments the simple style of its container.
The natural colors are complimentary to almost any color of room.
It feels happy. This is a happy little arrangement made with an assortment of happy greenery. Now put a happy little berry sprig over there… Bob Ross says so.


Start by adding cut foam to your container. Hot Glue the bottom to the base.



Next, add your base fillers and moss. The details like berry sprigs and smaller ferns will come after.



Continue filling your arrangement. Start with the tallest pieces in the center and shaping the side pieces low and out.



Finally: add your details. Large whisps of light green foliage and a few sprigs of berries. Finish the look but allowing some lower pieces of greenery to “flow” over and out on the bottom of the base.


When thinking about a Do-it-Yourself project, we have something for everyone!

You are welcome to browse our fabric selection anytime in our custom department. Have a seat at our table in front of our large well-lit windows and browse through books. Many are set up in collections- coordinating patterns easily for a designer look. Or, make an appt with our designers for $30 and get selection help for your project, right here in the store. Your fabric order will come within 2 weeks in most cases. Some of vendors will have sample swatches sent to your home for your approval before you order!

Below is an example of what you can do with our custom fabrics. We took a plain old chair and flipped it into something completely unique with character. Sara has many, many talents 🙂





The lovely and talented Sara. A window coverings, fabric and home decor expert and also an avid DIY -er. She makes has a knack for refinishing pieces.

The lovely and talented Sara. A window coverings, fabric and home decor expert and also an avid DIY-er. She has a knack for refinishing pieces.

First coat of semi-gloss white paint.

First coat of semi-gloss white paint.

A little stapling...

A little stapling…

And Voila!

And Voila!

Pretty nifty right?! The center floral in the fabric compliments the floral in the top of the chair. A match made in DIY heaven.

That concludes my three-part series about getting the look you love for less. Don’t forget you are remarkable! And your style is remarkably all your own! 🙂

-Leah R.


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    Beverly Bippes
    January 26, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    I am interested in the chair Leah R has done. what are the measurements. Love the work.

    • Reply
      January 26, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      Hi Bev, we do! It’s $85. Sara Armbruster actually refinished this piece. Thanks!

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