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Remarkably You!

Part 1: “Statement” Pieces!

written by: Leah R.

Twenty-somethings! I’m talking to you! I understand where you are right now. You’re young, you’re on a budget… you don’t know until when. You’re full of ideas and possibilities when it comes to your style, you just need the capital to get you there. No, this isn’t a credit card advertisement… I promise.

One of the things I hear the most from people my age (25) is, “I LOVE your mom’s store, I just wish I could afford it!” My response: “I know, me TOO!” We work hard to bring in awesome and unique finds, but often that comes with a price. So how do you get the Magnolias’ look on your budget? The answer is – YOU DON’T! Ok, stay with me here. What i’m saying is that instead of focusing on the entire “Magnolias” look, we need to switch our way of thinking. This next 3 part series is about you, your budget, and your style.

Gone are the days of cookie cutter trends: traditional, contemporary, rustic, etc…. you get the point. Why does your style have to sit within a niche; why aren’t we changing our focus? Instead of buying multiple pieces and focusing on having a bunch of items, I want you to focus on individual pieces- or “statement pieces” as I like to call them. If you’re gonna splurge, splurge on ONE item. Make that item the focal point of your room, and build around it with awesome finds, unique pieces with stories, and diy decor! To really show you what I’m talking about, I’ve taken photos of my own home! I figured the best person to give you advice is someone on the same page!


My kitchen investment piece: Custom Framed Art.

I LOVE the way my custom framed piece turned out. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the dining room area.  It started out as a summer project taking photos of produce from my garden, and then I later printed them on canvases. But, when I put them on the wall, there was no oomph. No WOW factor like I had pictured. My mom suggested getting them mounted, matted, and framed. This frame fit the room perfectly!


Custom Rustic/ Metallic Frame brings the unique one-of-a-kind items in the room together.

The second feature item in the room is the custom arrangement on the table. It really brought out the rustic feel I was going for, without going too western. Bonus: it even ties in some of the blue tones in the room!


Place Mats: DIY’d, White Bowls: Heirloom, Gold Glasses: Gift from a friend!



All of the other items in the room are either Target finds, heirlooms, or DIY adventures!  A little extra effort in saving money on the small things allowed me to expand my budget on my two focal pieces!

Below are some other awesome statement pieces you can find at our store for a budget-friendly price:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.56.46 PM

Top Left Clockwise: Marble Piece: $58, Canvas $188, Gold Metal Piece $89, Floral $83, Feather Prints $59 ea.

Part two: “Mixing and Pairing” unique finds together – to come next week!

Thanks! -Leah R