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A Door to Remember

Bernard Ptak Attorney – 1950

Over Christmas Vacation, Dave Ptak’s family paid a visit to our new building downtown. From the early 1930’s until 1973, his father Bernard Ptak, an attorney, had an Office in the upper level of 432 Norfolk Avenue. As a surprise, Dave’s wife Gwen revealed that the door of his father’s original office was being given to him, with the name on the door still intact!


Shown in this photo (left to right): Gwen, daughters Cari, Erin & Dave Ptak along with Amy & Rachel.

Dave reminisced about time spent with his dad in this historic space. With the renovations, the original wall and office locations are visible and it’s easy to imagine what a stately office this was. The original wood floor and oak trimmed skylights, paint and possibly the original wallpaper are still there!


Original sky lights, trimmed in Oak. Now covered due to moisture leaks.



Original hardwood floor (covered in tar from tile). This will get stripped eventually and restored back to it’s original beauty.

From stories of playing on the hidden ladder in the hallway, to counting the steps again just like he did as a kid, (there are 24! ) Dave clearly has many fond memories of this place.


Dave reminisces about his time here as a child with his own father.


In this photo (below – towards bottom of photo) of the 1950 City Directory, Ptak’s office is listed on the 2nd floor over Healey Drug Store in what was referred to as the Koehn Building. The Staircase entrance to the upper level office was marked with a sign which Dave has kept all these years! We always enjoy learning more about the amazing History of our building! Thank you Ptak family for sharing a piece of history with us, it was a special moment for us all!


>> It’s Here <<

The big day is finally here! I know, we can’t believe it either! I don’t think I’ve missed so much sleep since my kids were born, but it’s so worth it! We are in love, and I think you will be too. Watch our video below for a peak into our store, stop in for the experience! Below is what you need to know: (keep scrolling for video!)

Screen-Shot-2016-07-25-at-11.22.45-AM1-1024x725 IMG_6124_Web IMG_6116_web IMG_6110_web IMG_6103_web

[efsflexvideo type=”youtube” url=”” allowfullscreen=”yes” widescreen=”yes” width=”420″ height=”315″/]



Can you tell how excited we are!? Come visit us, we can’t wait to show you so many new things, from our new floral gallery to our garden room ending with our spacious design center! It just keeps going and going from the moment you walk in!


-See you there!

-Amy Renter



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