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Off to Market we went!

A bi-annual buying trip is always guaranteed to be both exhilarating and exhausting! This January 2017 trip destination was the Atlanta Americasmart. With over 7 million sq. feet of showroom space in 3 high-rise buildings, the latest and the greatest is certainly there! In the heart of Downtown Atlanta, you get to experience the energy of a big city complete with noise, traffic, and crowds of people. This Nebraska girl was ready to head home after 7 days. This calmer rural pace is certainly for me!                       My daughter Kate was my right hand gal on this trip. She is a hardcore shopper too. So we worked about 9 hours daily, walking thru showrooms and making quick decisions to buy for Holiday 2017 Season and for Spring. The much talked about color of the year, Pantone’s choice “Greenery” was the accent color of choice for many showrooms. If you haven’t heard of Pantone and how they dictate color trends worldwide, click here.                               Green was closely tied with blue as the “seen everywhere” color du jour.Read More

A Door to Remember

Bernard Ptak Attorney – 1950 Over Christmas Vacation, Dave Ptak’s family paid a visit to our new building downtown. From the early 1930’s until 1973, his father Bernard Ptak, an attorney, had an Office in the upper level of 432 Norfolk Avenue. As a surprise, Dave’s wife Gwen revealed that the door of his father’s original office was being given to him, with the name on the door still intact! Dave reminisced about time spent with his dad in this historic space. With the renovations, the original wall and office locations are visible and it’s easy to imagine what a stately office this was. The original wood floor and oak trimmed skylights, paint and possibly the original wallpaper are still there!   From stories of playing on the hidden ladder in the hallway, to counting the steps again just like he did as a kid, (there are 24! ) Dave clearly has many fond memories of this place.   In this photo (below – towards bottom of photo) of the 1950 City Directory, Ptak’s office is listed on the 2nd floor over Healey Drug Store in what was referred to as the Koehn Building. The Staircase entrance to the upperRead More

Setting the Holiday Spirit

The struggle is real for me around the holidays. My family is coming over for Christmas, how do I take these Christmas items and make a table setting? Better yet, how do I do it without making it look cluttered and like I just threw glitter on the table in a panic? So, I pinned Amy down, and forced her to lay out two unique holiday table centerpiece displays! One more traditional and one more natural:               PART II | A “Natural” Inspired Table Centerpiece Following along the same lines, the centerpiece starts off with a table runner in a neutral hue, followed by staggered heights of items, a floral centerpiece takes main stage, and then we add to the edges to create the illusion of one long piece!         The formula for a table centerpiece is really pretty simple afterall! 3 short things, 3 tall things, a centerpiece & table runner, and two extra pine stems! What look will you create for the holidays?   -LeahRead More

Remarkably You! Part 3: “DIY-ing” with Magnolias! written by: Leah R. The last piece of the puzzle is here. We’ve talked about investing in statement pieces, utilizing heirlooms and awesome vintage finds, and now we’re going to get crafty. Get your hot glue and staple guns out ladies. You heard me. Let’s do this. The first thing I want to discuss is DIY-ing your OWN arrangements. If you’re a naturally crafty person, then this section is for you. Remember those unique vintage pieces we talked about in the last blog post? Well now we’re going to flip ’em into a custom arrangement using individual pieces from our floral gallery. Did you know we have a floral gallery now? It’s awesome- go check it out! There are thousands of stems and hundreds of containers. You’ll find everything from branches and succulents to designer colors and seasonal stems. There are price points for every project! Super easy to work with, Markella and Valerie will take the guess work out of your project! What you’ll need: Container of some sort Assorted florals Foam Moss Hot Glue Crafty Spirit Fingers Some things to keep in mind for a well made/ balanced piece: There is NO set wayRead More