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March 2016

Restoring Maple Foot by Foot

After many back and forth conversations, we decided to see if the original wood floors could be saved. Coated in layers of flooring, it was a task – to say the very least. But a task that had well worth it results! After removing all the gunk, our flooring men began the lengthy process of sanding and grinding, then some more buffing.


Despite all of the dings, nicks, and leftover dark marks, we like it. It adds character, and character is something we can root for. We’ll continue to buff out a few of the darker spots, but other than that, we’re leaving it, flaws and all. Next step.. Staining!


There’s a few missing chunks in the floor, but luckily we found some Maple wood upstairs to fill in the holes, how perfect is that!?


Can’t wait to post pics of the finished flooring, we’re looking forward to bringing life back into the floors and emulating the past it holds in the grain!  -Leah R.


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