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January 2016

A Hidden Letter

“I always thought that I would like to climb a mountain but changed my mind when I had reached the top.”

I love uncovering old buildings. The hidden bricks behind chalky plaster, antique hardware, windows that open with pulley systems and levers, and even hidden letters behind walls! The other day, the construction boys discovered a few unique items behind the walls in Amy’s soon-to-be office upstairs. We’re working on tracking the family of either the sender or the recipient but we’re not having much luck, so now it’s up to you! Do you know any relatives of Dale H Jewett or Lillian B Salzwedel!? 

Read on to discover some very cheeky humor and some witty commentary of Dale’s “recent” travels as he writes to Lillian (a friend, a distant relative, a sibling?) 




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